Becoming and Operating an Officially Sanctioned Promising Perinatal Safe Spot (PSS)

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NPTF Perinatal Safe Spot:
National network of official virtual and physical, community-embedded practices  and perinatal professionals providing direct services. Visit our PSS page to see the model PSS on the Interactive Map. The PSS’s are the roots of the National Perinatal Task Force, modeling the vision and birthing a just and loving world through practice.

Developing Perinatal Safe Spots (PSS) – COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE -PSSs eligible to receive technical support and training to own/operate an official PSS.

A Promising Perinatal Safe Spot is:

  • A place to connect moms, family members, community, to each other and the baby
  • A judgment-free zone that can be physical or virtual
  • Unique to individual communities, ZIP Codes, Maternal Toxic Areas – breaking through the real barriers to quality care
  • Giving mothers the real tools they need to have power and agency in their childbearing decisions
  • A place to gain knowledge for the healthiest pregnancy, mom, and baby
  • Physical, emotional and informational support so childbearing families have true options


Identify the Materno-toxic Area being served:

–  Must identify which neighborhood, city, zip code, region is the Materno-toxic Area you are willing to support

–  Must be able to quote the statistics, if available – Preterm birth rate, Low Birth Weight rate, Infant Mortality, Maternal Mortality, Maternal Morbidity

Describe the service(s) you will provide:

–  Must state at a minimum, one intention to provide a service/support/resource to one or more people from that Area,

whether mother/family, community or worker on the ground

–  Must be willing to report progress, obstacles, concerns to us on a regular basis

–  Must be willing to collect and share outcomes to illustrate impact of the work

–  Must be willing to collaborate in a professional and collegial way both locally and nationally, representing who we are as Task Force members, always Agree to be identified as a Perinatal Safe Spot (PSS) . Visit the National Perinatal Task Force Perinatal Safe Spots Page Here

– Willing to be listed as a contact in our national database as a Perinatal Safe Spot

– Willing to be acknowledged on our web and social media sites

– Willing to receive proprietary branded products, minimally a DECAL/BADGE or LOGO to post, display and use while a designated Perinatal Safe Spot

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