Becoming and Operating an Officially Sanctioned Perinatal Safe Spot (PSS)

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   A Perinatal Safe Spot is:

  • A place to connect moms, family members, community, to each other and the baby
  • A judgment-free zone that can be physical or virtual
  • Unique to individual communities, ZIP Codes, Maternal Toxic Areas – breaking through the real barriers to quality care
  • Giving mothers the real tools they need to have power and agency in their childbearing decisions
  • A place to gain knowledge for the healthiest pregnancy, mom, and baby
  • Physical, emotional and informational support so childbearing families have true options


Identify the Materno-toxic Area being served:

–  Must identify which neighborhood, city, zip code, region is the Materno-toxic Area you are willing to support

–  Must be able to quote the statistics, if available – Preterm birth rate, Low Birth Weight rate, Infant Mortality, Maternal Mortality, Maternal Morbidity

Describe the service(s) you will provide:

–  Must state at a minimum, one intention to provide a service/support/resource to one or more people from that Area,

whether mother/family, community or worker on the ground

–  Must be willing to report progress, obstacles, concerns to us on a regular basis

–  Must be willing to collect and share outcomes to illustrate impact of the work

–  Must be willing to collaborate in a professional and collegial way both locally and nationally, representing who we are as Task Force members, always Agree to be identified as a Perinatal Safe Spot (PSS)

Visit the National Perinatal Task Force Perinatal Safe Spots Page Here

– Willing to be listed as a contact in our national database as a Perinatal Safe Spot

– Willing to be acknowledged on our web and social media sites

– Willing to receive proprietary branded products, minimally a DECAL/BADGE or LOGO to post, display and use while a designated Perinatal Safe Spot

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