Open Circle: Wellness + Education for Growing Families & Motion Center: Mom + Baby – Providence, RI

Open Circle: Wellness + Education for Growing Families
Motion Center: Mom + Baby
Based in Providence, RI
Serving Rhode Island, Southern Massachusetts and Eastern Connecticut


Open Circle is a community for families during pregnancy, birth and a child’s early years.  Every parent needs and deserves support during these major life transitions.  At Open Circle, we trust that all parents want what is best for their children and themselves. We believe that education and access to different types of self-care will help parents make good choices for their own health and happiness, and good choices for their children.


We welcome families from all backgrounds, cultures and traditions. Our wellness services and class fees are based on family income. This allows all families to get the care they need, even when insurance won’t cover the costs. We do not view reduced-fees as charity. We do not view paying full-fees as subsidizing others. We choose to simply respect each family’s specific financial situation, and to make wellness and education available to all.


The United States ranks lower than almost all developed countries (and some undeveloped ones) in preventing illness, injury and death for it’s mothers and babies.  Experiences of trauma in birth, rates of postpartum depression, broken families and compromised care of children are inexcusably high.  ALL women and children from ALL backgrounds and socioeconomic levels are highly impacted, and women living in poverty and all women of color are disproportionally affected.  Our mission is to positively impact the care of ALL mother’s, babies and families by empowering parents to make healthy choices for themselves and their children.