This month, the National Perinatal Task Force (NPTF) would like to highlight NPTF Perinatal Safe Spot ROOTT (Restoring Our Own Through Transformation). ROOTT is a Black women-led reproductive justice organization dedicated to collectively restoring our well-being through self-determination, collaboration, and resources to meet the needs of families within communities.

Our model create solutions surrounding maternal and infant health through our full spectrum perinatal doula services and certification training’s, consulting, research, community led support services, policy and advocacy.

ROOTT believes in the power of our own resource, while living in the reality of our society. We, apologetically, focus on the needs of Black Women, Infants, and families, by addressing the structures and policies that created the consequences of our health disparities and inequities within our communities. ROOTT provides direct and indirect services as a means of addressing Black maternal and infant mortality in our communities from surface level risks to root causes.

ROOTT is comprised of an intersection of Black women and men, and POC, who represent diverse personal and professional backgrounds. Our board and advisory council shares a common vision of eliminating the structural determinants of health in order to provide the true foundation for healthy communities.


Restoring Our Own Through Transformation (ROOTT)

Jessica M. Roach, Co-Founder and Executive Director
Columbus, Ohio