{Morning Thoughts} So, I’m still on an extreme high and resonating with the healing that occurred this past weekend, as we gathered a group of #PerinatalSafeSpot owners and #MaternalJustice warriors in Austin for our inaugural National Perinatal Task Force Convening (perinataltaskforce.com).

A shift happened, a seismic shift, as we strategized and organized our way into a movement – literally “A Movement to Build A More Just and Loving World”.

Deeply embedded in this work is a new commitment to not just ‘self-care’ but ‘COLLECTIVE CARE’ while we pour our all into serving our beloved communities. We recognize that because of the continued vicarious pain and trauma, that excessive weathering that we too, face while standing in these many gaps, that we must protect and support ourselves as well. We know the stats, we know the issues, we live them, and we have been in action already and for ever – but as we increase our work AND raise awareness we are also piling on more than is sometimes possible to bear. Therefore we are moving our movement and strategic plan forward powered by LOVE and COLLECTIVE CARE. The love and care we have for our clients and communities is unwavering and fierce, it is in order to protect and support them – we must do the same for ourselves and each other.
“The National Perinatal Task Force is a grassroots movement to start and grow Perinatal Safe Spots (PSS) in every ‘Materno-toxic Area’ in the USA, in order to eliminate racial and class disparities in birth outcomes, and to create equity and power in maternal child health care.”

So enjoy this crazy video (captured unbeknownst to me during our meeting – thanks to Desirée Israel)of me ‘modeling’ our new t-shirt and generally acting up, sky-high on the oxytocin that was flowing through all of us as we loved each other into a movement. (BTW get your t-shirt here https://www.kieralangston.com/product…/savinglives-the-jjway)

Posted by Desirée Israel on Sunday, May 19, 2019