Finally a NEW approach to maternal health and wellness….

…an approach that provides Access, Connections, Knowledge and Empowerment to all women as a means to optimal health. Our ultimate goal is that ALL women have healthcare answers that they can understand. We support and encourage system changes that embrace this NEW patient-centered, woman-centered approach and we provide information and training regarding such changes.

Founder Jennie Joseph is building a network of support to transform maternity care in the USA. Be a part of the change, be a part of the movement – stand for mothers and babies right now. Your participation is critical. Thank you !

Commonsense Childbirth – an idea whose time has come! Check our sister site Commonsense Childbirth for more information

We realize there are different capacities in which people are able to contribute ~ Every little bit counts, as we all have an important part to play.

Why not educate yourself about why mothers and babies are dying. What is the impact of institutional, structural and systemic racism, classism, and sexism? What about personally mitigated implicit and explicit biases?  Is it possible that many people are living with ‘post traumatic stress disorder’ due to a continual series of traumatic life events? Could it be that all this disempowerment is contributing to the poor health outcomes that have become the norm for American mothers and babies?

  • Share with others you come in contact with about these issues

  • Find out about your local statistics and what the rates are in your area

  • Consider attending a MCH Specialist training course, or other Perinatal Professional courses and learn how to spot Materno-toxic Areas in your community

  • Join our task force so you can be connected to what we are doing