‘Easy Access’ Clinic Expansion – Orlando’s newest PERINATAL SAFE SPOT

Improving Birth Outcomes “The JJ Way®

A Women’s Health Care Program For Homeless, Low-Income and Underserved Women in Orlando

(Zip codes 32808, 32818)

Program Outcomes

  • Reduced rates of Maternal and Infant Morbidity and Mortality
  • Reduced Low Birth Weight and Premature babies
  • Reduced burden on emergency room and triage/walk-in health care
  • Increased levels/visits of prenatal and postpartum care and well-women’s GYN care
  • Increased social support and referrals
  • Increased patient and community-based health education

Expansion Plan

Placement of a Nurse Practitioner, mental health counselor, medical assistant/social support staff to immediately increase access for high-risk women to prenatal care and women’s health services at our new ‘Easy Access’ Clinic site will provide –

Target goals: 

  • increase in clinical visits offered – approximately 60 prenatal visits and 20 women’s health visits per week;
  • increase in in-house counseling and social support services – approximately 20 visits per week;
  • Total 3000 health visits; 1000 social support visits per year

Evaluation of the health impact of increased access will begin 6 months after expansion.

We have consistently improved birth outcomes for women at risk for prematurity in our community over the last ten years.

Benefit – Orlando residents will have access to culturally competent women’s health care during pregnancy, postpartum and inter-conceptionally. The addition of a no-barrier to start your care policy will enable the immediate triage and appropriate medical referrals, coupled with help in expediting applications for health insurance coverage. The improved compliance and consistent follow up from patients who develop trust and loyalty with the practice and staff will directly off-set the revenue losses for uncompensated care and allow us to expand service for uninsured/underinsured women with no current medical home. Provision of such access to care has resulted in vastly improved perinatal outcomes for Orange County mothers and babies over the past decade.  (JJ Way® Study results 2007, 2014 *)

How we will measure the success of this project

Within the year:

  1. A plan will be developed that addresses long-term financial viability.
  2. Participation in the system of care will involve all local hospitals for delivery services and an increase of collaborating agencies will become evident
  3. A pilot study will be implemented by January 2016.

Within five years:

  1. There will be a statistically significant decrease in maternal and child health outcomes such as late entry to prenatal care, low birth weight and infant mortality in the targeted zip codes.
  2. The hospitals, physicians and patients will report high levels of satisfaction.
  3. The community partners will be seeking ways to expand The JJ Way® maternal child health model to meet other public health needs.

What You Need To Know

  • Pine Hills clinic opened in 2016, and the downtown Orlando clinic has opened in August 2018
  • Medicaid and insurance accepted
  • Low cost prenatal care, postpartum exams
  • Low cost women’s health care – annual exams
  • Pap Smears and Breast Exams
  • Birth Control Exams and Prescriptions
  • STD/STI Screenings
  • For more information email info@easyaccessclinic.com or call 407 656 6938