Detailed Information

Tamara Thompson is an activist, lactation counselor, Doula, childbirth educator, and writer who has lived in Wisconsin since 2004. An interest in birth work grew from the years Tamara spent among peers within the African-American Breastfeeding Alliance of Dane County where social, cultural, and political intersections persistently emerged as factors to the organization’s mission being realized.

Tamara attended a doula training led by the International Center for Traditional Childbirth in 2014 and made connections with like-minded people- of their shared visions the Wisconsin Doulas of Color Collective was subsequently formed. Later that year, Tamara co-founded Harambee Village, a community based organization providing direct services in Dane County, WI. Tamara is an aspiring midwife, and is also a founding member of Maroon Calabash, an Afro-Indigenous Birthwork Cooperative.

“I am inspired by the legacies of African American midwives and because of them, I am answering a call to action to join the movement that addresses the many and complex ways race, gender, sexuality, physical ability, citizenship, incarceration, and income differentially affect birth outcomes and access to human milk in my community. I dedicate my energies toward fostering an inclusive and safe environment; advocating for (while practicing) radical self-love, mindfulness, peaceful communication, evidence based, and culturally informed work.”  -Tamara N. Thompson

Tamara is based in Dane County, WI.