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Uzazi Village

A center of excellence for reducing inequities in perinatal outcomes in the urban core of Kansas City, MO.  Founded by perinatal nurse educator, Sherry Payne, they work with childbearing women in the urban core through a community-based doula program, a free walk-in breastfeeding clinic, and culturally congruent prenatal education. 



At Uzazi Village our goal is to decrease infant mortality and racially-based perinatal health inequities occurring in Communities of Color by:

  • steering our community women to providers and facilities that practice evidence-based care
  • lowering the rates of unnecesary cesarean births by discouraging routine inductions and the “cascade of interventions”
  • fostering models of breastfeeding support that are culturally appropriate and specific
  • utilizing specially trained doulas to work with moms most at risk for disrupted/disfunctional pregnancies and labors
  • creating culturally specific childbirth education with a focus on client and family empowerment and shared decision making
  • educating our community on the inherent bias that is part of the maternity care system
  • raising awareness of perinatal inequities in the African-American community