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Stephanie Spencer
Founder & Executive Director

Urban Baby Beginnings was founded by Stephanie Spencer, a Registered Nurse, Perinatal Educator, and Doula. Our mission is to work with communities to ensure access to high quality maternal health services while intensifying efforts towards the improvement and prevention of adverse maternal and child health outcomes by addressing community risk factors.

At Urban Baby Beginnings our goal is decrease the rate of preterm birth, maternal morbidity, and infant/maternal mortality in Virginia and the surrounding areas by:

  • increasing access to culturally appropriate care
  • decreasing the risk of isolation by providing opportunities for social support; including doula services
  • creating educational programs with a focus on empowering families to make informed decisions
  • utilizing doulas trained to work with mothers who are at risk
  • initiating appropriate training programs that focus on the professional development of doulas and perinatal educators through the Urban Baby Beginnings workforce innovation program


Urban Baby Beginnings is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. Our current offerings include pregnancy navigators, birth consultants, perinatal health workers, doula/lactation support, classes, boutique events, and more. Contact us for more information!


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