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Grand Midwife UmmSalaamah (Sondra) Abudullah-Zaimah, CNM-Retired, CPM -Community Midwife

“Every community deserves a midwife. A trusted person already known in their community who understands what it takes in their community to stay safe because they are from there.”

Founder of NGO Midwife of the Move, UmmSalaamah donated a bus to Bellies to Babies Foundation to start the program in Georgia, with a mobile midwife clinic visiting communities through centers, clinics, faith-based organizations, and others, to bring help and care to families who are otherwise not being seen or where there are gaps in the care. Her partner Corrinna Edwards, CPM, is the director of M.O.M Drive and collects mom and baby items and health care supplies to deliver to families at the sites and homes. There they have incentives to show up and are more likely to be screened when they are otherwise not being seen. Nobody is turned away. Consulting, resources, care, and education are provided. (Private Practice) (Community-led Practice/Birth Justice) (Advocacy/Birth Justice)


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