Detailed Information

Our mission is to ensure every Black mother and mother of an infant of color in the U.S. has a high-quality, culturally relevant childbirth experience.

Black mothers and mothers of babies of color in the United States are still facing significant problems during childbirth due to a lack of resources and support. We’ve established the Shades of Motherhood Network to fill in this gap by providing innovative resources like peer support groups, empowering community workshops, and comprehensive doula care.

We aim to offer no-cost doula care to 30 mothers while building the doula workforce through recruitment and development.We host inclusive peer groups where mothers and fathers of color can find a safe space to support each other. While our mission is national, we’re launching in Spokane, WA. We utilize art activism, community workshops, data collection, and social media to equip Black mothers with practical knowledge and actionable steps to improve their health and well-being.