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Aisha Ralph, Taweret Midwifery
Licensed Midwife
Certified Professional Midwife

Taweret Midwifery offers home birth midwifery care, monitrice support for hospital birth clients, and childbirth education and preparation classes. The organization is based on the view that midwifery care that is traditional at it’s root and woman-focused is the key to ensuring women and babies survive and thrive in the childbearing year.


Aisha Ralph, Taweret Midwifery midwife, has a simple philosophy: as a midwife, she has skilled hands that have been trained to support birth in challenging and complex circumstances…. and she knows how to sit on them! She trusts birth as a natural, physiological event that works just fine most of the time, especially if mom and baby are supported in their work. In her approach to midwifery she centers THEM – mother and child. She understands that her role is to support the unfolding of their process. If, and only IF, it’s necessary to intervene, will she do so, with those skilled hands and a respectful heart.