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Sacred Birthing Village South Coast: We are creating a dignifying and sustaining Maternal Restorative Village (Community) in the BIPOC community of the South Coast. Sacred Birthing Village SouthCoast is an affiliate of The Birthing Project USA ( Together there are nearly 100 stops on the underground railroad for new life. As a chapter-based project, we are our sister’s keepers and understand it takes a village to mobilize change. We are women dedicated and committed to building sisterhood and standing with and supporting the pregnant women in our community through their most sacred journey: childbirth. Our vision is a healthy community of mothers, fathers, and babies. We are the underground conductors on the underground railroad to new life, helping to close the disparity gap to give BIPOC and other mothers, fathers/partners (passengers), and families a safe, healthy, and thriving passage through pregnancy and childbirth, to have and raise a healthy baby. Birthing Project USA is a grassroots woman-led non-profit organization founded in 1988 by Kathryn Hall-Trujillo, eight other women, and one man, as a cost-effective mentoring model to reduce infant mortality and morbidity in the African American community. Using volunteers to ensure pregnant teens and women are identified, accessed, understood, and complied with prenatal care, BPUSA exerts its influence upon improving pregnancy health outcomes.