Detailed Information
Ka’ū Women’s Health Collective is a volunteer-run grassroots organization which practices collective decision making.   The Collective was started in 2019 by a group of moms to address reproductive justice issues impacting the health of the community; from teen pregnancy to childbirth trauma to high rates of cancer and diabetes.  Empowering women, who are the child-bearers, the caregivers and the workhorses, is the first step in finding meaningful reproductive justice for our community.  In this way we strive to decolonize beliefs about power and self worth.
Tara is a community and traveling midwife who offers home birth midwifery services, doula services and Lomilomi to families in Ka’u and around the country as a traveling midwife. She is also the co-teacher of the PIKO Childbirth Education Program: Practical and Spiritual.