Detailed Information

Foremothers Birth Services brings boldness and authority to women, birthing persons, and families by empowering families to create a birth experience centered on evidence based education and consent all while making daily health-quality improvements. Our team is comprised of traditionally centered birth attendants and doulas that are committed to reestablishing the community-families that once served as pillars for our self-sustainability. We offer local nutritional resources, Lactation education and support, Holistic Perinatal education and support, local employment resources, and educational resources for self-sustainability practices. We are a representation of the communities we service, and as such offer education, support, and resources that align with  multiple languages, lifestyles, and beliefs. We believe that the birth experiences should not a generalized standard, but rather, be as unique as the individual and/or expectant family.

Counties Served

Essex and Passaic Counties

Locations Served

07017, 07102, 07103, 07104, 07105, 07106, 07107, 07108, 07111, 07112, 07114, 07501, 07502, 07503, 07504, 07505, 07513, 07514, 07522, 07524