Detailed Information

As a Birth Doula…

  • We understand the physiology of birth and the emotional needs in labor. and can help you to plan for your labor and birth to help you to achieve your goals as best as possible.
  • We can stay to support throughout the labor, birth and immediate postpartum period.
  • We can provide an objective viewpoint and continue to provide non-judgmental support no matter what the parents choices and decision are.
  • We can provide emotional support as well as help with physical comfort measures during labor: breathing, relaxation, movement, positioning.
  • We can help to get the information that may be needed to make informed choices and decision about your care and your baby’s care.
  • We can help to facilitate the communication between the medical staff and the laboring family.
  • We can help the partner and other support team by showing them how to care for the birthing person during labor, and keeping them aware of what’s going on with the birth process, while keeping them involved in the care and nurturing of the parent.

Overall, our role as a Birth Doula is to nurture and protect the memory of the birth experience while helping the parent’s voice be heard.