Detailed Information

Bethany Branch-Erby is a certified home birth attendant and birth-worker, lactation specialist, and award-winning international  birth, newborn, and a proud mother of 3 dynamic humans of her own (and a dog!)

With more than a decade of experience in professional photography her work has been featured in Rangefinder, Toffee & Honey,   Valdosta Times, and Feorce Magazine, featured on Tampa Birth Photographer’s Top 15 in DFW, ranked 8 in 2017 in The Portrait Masters Awards and various featured blogs.

With a decade in birth, breastfeeding and herbal work, Branch-Erby has championed outstanding birth and lactation work in such countries as Italy, London, and Japan. She is a trained and certified lactation specialist, community outreach perinatal educator, community health care worker and advanced student community midwife.

As an international birth and breastfeeding consultant, Branch-Erby’s experience also includes new parent transition assistance (with a historical focus on women and teens and women of color), infusing traditional practices of herbal support, and creating a culture of divine feminine energy love and acceptance while empowering and supporting to under-served populations.  Bethany’s extensive training and skills have given her insight into the backend of birthwork and is overjoyed to use those skills in supporting families in bring forth their greatest miracles.   It’s Bethany Branch-Erby’s honor, and joy to work towards bringing safe, conscious, and ecstatic births back into the homes for families!