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3 Gems Births Services is founded by Courtney Hopkins Doula, Nurse and Community Activist. Through the pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience with her 2nd child she realized that our community is seriously lacking in our care of emerging and growing families.

The difference between Courtney’s first child and second was her support system and access to culturally competent care.  As a way to grow and heal from the trauma of her experience Courtney decided to become a resource for “Let the Love do the Work”, non-judgmental, trauma informed, evidence based support through motherhood.  She achieved this first through becoming a Doula and pediatric nurse.  Then seeing the need was greater than she alone could provide she searched, met, interviewed, researched and found other like-minded Birth Workers to come together to “do the work” with her.

Through this process she found and eventually began collaborating with the world-renowned Midwife and Founder of the National Perinatal Task Force Jennie Joseph CPM.   Through hosting the COPE Training in St Pete, FL she met others to join her in creating a safe place in St Pete, FL

Joining the National Perinatal Taskforce is a logical next step.