What is an Amplifier?

Individuals/organizations taking action in their community. NPTF amplifiers raise consciousness via education and activism to amplify the vision of birthing a just and loving world.

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YOU can be an Amplifier -right now! Here are 50 ways you can start – 

  1. Find out the statistics for your area, zip code, county or state
  2. Become a board member or attend the meetings, as a consumer or advocate – at the health department, crisis pregnancy center, local charity, hospital, fetal mortality review board or other pertinent entities
  3. Contact politicians, share what you know about the impact of Materno-toxic Areas on pregnant women
  4. Speak to Midwives, Doctors, Nurses – find out if they have any thoughts on how to support the work
  5. Host a clothing, diaper, baby equipment drive
  6. Make nutritious food available for sharing/pick up
  7. Help with securing bus passes for transportation to appointments
  8. Create a community resource list or fact sheet with actual resources – food, clothing,  shelter, accessible medical care, birth control, classes, community-minded doulas, car seats, transportation, etc
  9. Offer free pregnancy testing and facilitate signing ‘proof of pregnancy’ letters for women applying for Medicaid
  10. Help women navigate Medicaid, WIC, FMLA paperwork or online applications
  11. Supervise/entertain older siblings while breast feeding moms meet together
  12. Secure/Provide location for a Perinatal Safe Spot to host clients
  13. Search out business sponsorship or other funding to support a Perinatal Safe Spot
  14. Hold intention for Perinatal Safe Spots to be ‘judgment free zones’
  15. Educate communities re: Materno-Toxic Areas & statistics
  16. Host a COPE or MCH training
  17. Host an information booth or table at a health fair, baby store
  18. Offer Childbirth and/or Parenting classes
  19. Offer free Doula care – birth or postpartum
  20. Offer Lactation Education
  21. Pray for moms, babies, workers in the Materno-toxic Areas
  22. Obtain donations for the Perinatal Safe Spot to give away – breastfeeding helps, protein bars, lotions, pacifiers, diaper cream, rice socks, diaper bags, etc.
  23. Give to Commonsense Childbirth, or other organization that make a practical difference on the ground
  24. Offer to support tea and conversation for 3rd trimester and new moms at a Perinatal Safe Spot
  25. Offer to support father classes, grandparent classes
  26. Create a lending library – books, dvds, cds
  27. Write a press release
  28. Tweet and Instagram Materno-toxic Area stats and Perinatal Safe Spot information and availability
  29. Share, ‘like’ and link us on Facebook
  30. Join the National Perinatal Task Force, and encourage your network to do the same
  31. Listen to moms in the Materno-toxic Area  –  don’t judge, hear the real needs
  32. Create a way to support the workers on the ground without necessarily being one too
  33. Provide respite for the workers – massages, outings, appreciation lunch
  34. Donate toys and books for waiting area of the Perinatal Safe Spot
  35. Become familiar with the real  problems of accessibility of local maternity care providers
  36. Donate office equipment – computer, printer, fax, copier, furniture for a Perinatal Safe Spot
  37. Knit/crochet hats for babies
  38. Make fleece blankets for babies
  39. Offer Henna painting, belly casting, pregnancy photo shoots
  40. Offer pregnancy/infant massage classes
  41. Offer to support or host a postpartum support group
  42. Volunteer for “Ask a Doula” phone/text advice
  43. Connect with local Healthy Start or Home Visiting counselors
  44. Host/Provide Supplies for Annual Baby Shower
  45. Host/Provide Supplies for Day 366 Party
  46. Provide phone support for postpartum/lactation issues
  47. Provide a scale for ‘Weigh to Go Baby’ breast feeding support sessions
  48. Provide “First 48” postpartum gift bags for new families
  49. Understand cultural differences, trust the community to state the real needs, honor those
  50. Be creative, practical and authentically caring!

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